Important Bookkeeping Tips

Most business owners understand the importance of good bookkeeping. We know it helps us better manage company money, and we know that good books can be especially helpful come tax season. We also know that errors can be costly. Whether you do it yourself or seek a professional, it's important to do the job right.  

Ensure your books are "good books" by:

  • Keeping a record of your receipts and invoices in numeric order. 
  • Maintaining consistent and complete business records to document all of your business transactions.
  • Keeping track of your business account statements, and reconcile your accounts on a regular (preferably monthly) basis. 

There is a lot more that can be said about best bookkeeping practices, but the above tips are the most important to remember. If you want to learn more, SCORE, a nonprofit association that promotes the growth and success of small businesses, has some great resources available including the Top 10 Bookkeping Mistakes. This may be a helpful reference for those of you who are evaluating your current bookkeeping system. 

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