Client Spotlight: Best Kept Self

We’re always eager to talk about our clients, and we recently decided to share some of their stories on the DEKE blog. We wanted to pick a client who could speak honestly to the struggles of entrepreneurship and share some helpful advice, and Shauna Mackenzie, founder of Best Kept Self, is an expert in both departments.

About Best Kept Self

Best Kept Self is a web-based community and digital publication for freelancers and entrepreneurs who want to explore a variety of self-care topics. The publication has more than 40 contributors who write for and engage with entrepreneurs worldwide. Visit to learn more about webinars, live chats and other programs. 

The Challenge

Like most business owners, Shauna wears a lot of hats. Prior to working with DEKE she was managing all of her financials in house. She had a general idea of “the numbers” but didn’t have the capacity to thoroughly analyze financial data on a monthly basis. Company growth (including the addition of new, sub-entities) made accounting systems more complex, and Shauna was busier than ever with day-to-day operations.


Shauna hired DEKE Business Bookkeeping in 2012 for data entry, budgeting, financial statement preparation and consulting services.

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Bookkeeping is such an understatement because David really takes a 360 approach to helping me grow my business and make wise decisions to keep the financial health of my business strong. When I hired Dave, my business was making a transition where things were becoming more intricate and complicated. Multiple sub-entities, payroll, and a recent upgrade to an S-Corp meant I needed an expert to assist in keeping it all straight (and in the black) and that’s exactly where David was able to step in and make a huge difference for me and my businesses.
— Shauna Mackenzie, Founder of Best Kept Self & Principal of Shauna Mackenzie Inc.

The Results

  •  All Shauna Mackenzie Inc. entities (including Best Kept Self) have maintained positive cash flow.
  • Expenses that negatively impacted bottom line have been completely eliminated.
  • Revenue for all Shauna Mackenzie Inc. entities (including Best Kept Self) has increased.  
  • Shauna added a co-owner (by partnering with a competitor) which doubled revenue for the respective entity.

Learn More

Shauna told us that “[as an entrepreneur], time management and delegation are two very important skills to master.” We agree, but it can be tough to take the first step. Outsourced business functions are a viable solution for many business owners, and we hope that you will schedule a complimentary call (when you’re ready) to learn more.