New Minimum Wage and Overtime Regulations

Minimum wage is going up significantly for exempt employees (from about $23k/year to $47k/year). If you are a small business owner, this may mean that you need to start paying overtime to employees who previously didn’t qualify for it.  

According to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), certain employees (executive, administrative and professional employees) are exempt from overtime pay as long as they meet a certain wage threshold. A new rule will go into effect December 1, 2016 that requires exempt employees be paid at least $913/week ($47,476/year) in order to remain exempt. Employees making less than that will be non-exempt (entitled to overtime pay). 

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The effective date of the Final Rule is December 1, 2016. The initial increases to the standard salary level (from $455 to $913 per week) and HCE total annual compensation requirement (from $100,000 to $134,004 per year) will be effective on that date. Future automatic updates to those thresholds will occur every three years, beginning on January 1, 2020.
— US Department of Labor, The Final Rule

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Should Your Small Business be Using E-Verify?

DEKE Business Bookkeeping offers payroll services to many of our bookkeeping clients, and while we are not equipped to function as an outsourced HR department, we often field general HR questions. Many of those revolve around new hires and compliance implications.

Everify for Small Businesses

You’ve likely heard a lot of talk about E-Verify on the campaign trail, but did you know that employers in the State of South Carolina are required by law to use it? According to SC legislature HB 4400, which was passed in 2008, all employers are obligated to use E-Verify or some other verification process effective July 1, 2010. Refusal to comply can result in fines, debarment from government contracts and criminal penalties.    

What is E-Verify?

E-verify is web-based software that helps an employer to validate whether or not an employee is eligible to work in the United States.

How can your small business access the E-Verify system? 

Visit the official E-Verify website at to enroll. Once registered, you can easily login to access the online system. When verifying a new hire, you will need a photo ID (a driver’s license or identification number) and a social security number or work visa. The verification process should happen quickly (in as little as five minutes). 

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Tracking Mileage for Tax Deductions


Do you use a personal vehicle for business purposes? Are you maintaining detailed mileage logs? Mileage can account to a sizeable tax deduction, but if documented incorrectly, the cost can be even greater. If your books are subject to an IRS audit, your inadequate mileage log could cost you your deduction as well as time and money spent defending yourself in court.

Spend some time setting your records straight now to avoid owing the IRS later. To prove that you are entitled to a mileage deduction, you must document the following for each and every trip:

  • How far you drove
  • When you drove
  • Where you drove
  • The business purpose for which you drove

It can be a hassle when you are running late or in a hurry, but this information is absolutely necessary to justify your deduction(s).  And while a good, old fashioned paper log will suffice, a lot of business owners are turning to mobile apps to stay more organized. Here are a few that you may want to consider…

  • MileIQ
  • The Mileage Ace
  • TripLog
  • Mileage Log+

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